Top 3 Signs that Your Car Needs an Oil Change

Fresh oil plays a crucial role in the effective operation of a car's engine. You can enhance the lifespan of your engine by changing the oil regularly. Many people find it challenging to tell when exactly they need to change their car engine’s oil. If you need help, you'll find the key oil change indicators below:
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Knocking or strange noises from the engine. Oil prevents metal-to-metal contact between the parts-of-the-engine-system through lubrication. Knocking sounds are an indicator that lubrication's been reduced and that you need to change the oil.

The oil change engine light is on. Visit your nearest dealer whenever you observe this.

Your car oil is too-dark. Check the oil and visit the nearest-dealer if it's thick, dark and dirty.

It's also advisable to visit your dealer after excessive mileage, even without the other signs for an oil check-up.

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