Keeping the Total Cost of Ownership to a Minimum

While vehicles are popular and necessary for living independently of others, you should never fail to look at the total cost of owning a particular vehicle. Far more factors than the purchase price are included in what we call the total cost of ownership. Here are several of the most common factors:

  • Fuel costs are undoubtedly more common than any other cost you'll incur in owning a vehicle. If you travel long distances on a regular basis, it will behoove you to find a fuel-efficient vehicle with many miles per gallon.
  • Repairs are inevitable, although engaging in regular maintenance will help lower the cost of repairs over the long run. It will also extend the car's or truck's lifespan.
  • Registration fees come along once every year and are based on the purchase price of your vehicle. Less expensive vehicle = less registration fees.

Need help determining how much a vehicle's total cost of ownership will be? Get help from our experts at Pittsburgh East Nissan today.

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