Identifying Your Dashboard Warning Lights

Drivers ought to be familiar with the warning lights in their car’s dashboard as they play a very crucial role in giving a signal to the driver whenever there is any problem with the auto. There are many warnings and alerts that our service staff at Pittsburgh East Nissan located in Pittsburgh, PA could look out for and be ready to dive in and deal with an essential warning light. Let’s take a look at common warning lights today.

  • Battery or charging alert: Whenever this light turns on, it means that the charging system of the vehicle is at default and as a result, the voltage level will lower than the standard scale. Making sure the battery condition and its terminals are well fixed is vital.
  • Service vehicle soon: It is indicated by a spanner crossing the car implicating that lighting or any other electrical problem is under the body control module.
  • Transmission temperature: It indicates that the transmission is working at higher temperatures than the maximum. Check the engine coolant level as well as the transmission fluid level.

Come across another dashboard warning light? Visit our dealership whenever you need help regarding your warning lights.

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