What You Should Know About Giving Your Driveway More Traction

A slippery driveway can be no fun to deal with because your vehicle can end up slipping and sliding all over the place. You might be wondering how to prevent that, and your best options are salt, sand or kitty litter.

Choosing The Best Way To Treat Your Driveway

If you want the strongest substance that can melt ice at temperatures of 12 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, salt is your best option. It also provides a lot of grip on slippery surfaces. It's not the best option to pour under your wheels when they're turning and it can also cause a lot of corrosion under your vehicle. Never store it in your trunk.

Kitty litter is not meant for spreading on driveways, but it's a little less expensive than salt and can be effective to put under your wheels when they're not getting traction. You can also store it in the trunk.

Sand is by far the cheapest option, and it can be spread across your driveway and stored in the trunk. It doesn't melt the snow, but it can usually provide good traction on ice and it's non-corrosive and less harmful to plants and animals.

Our Dealership's Winter Preparation

It's good to prepare your driveway for slippery winter weather, and it's also good to have our dealership prepare your vehicle. At Pittsburgh East Nissan, we can check your vehicle and do the maintenance necessary to make sure it can handle slippery surfaces and keep running in the cold. If you're ready to prepare your vehicle, just give us a call or bring it by our location in Pittsburgh, PA.

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